Equestrian Community

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Horse Rescue and Shelter Sites

  • Abaco Wild Horse Fund - Overall goal is to provide these beautiful animals with a safe and secure future, whatever their origins.
  • Alaska Equine Rescue - An all-volunteer organization dedicated to elimination of inhumane treatment of horses Statewide.
  • Arabian Horse Rescue Network - Dedicated to saving equines from slaughter through a southern California feedlot.
  • C.A.N.T.E.R - Michigan based non-profit organization bringing buyers and sellers of TB ex racers together. Finding non-race homes is our goal.
  • Colorado Horse Rescue - Non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to horses and the people who love horses. Our mission is to find new homes for abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted horses. Over 200 unpaid volunteers give their time to make this happen.
  • Equine Protection Network - Working to pass legislation in PA to insure the safe & humane transport of horses to slaughter. Warning: this site contains some very graphic pictures and text about equines and slaughter.
  • Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. - A federal non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates horses for future fostering and adoption.
  • Equine Rescue Resource (ERR) - Online resource for slaughter statistics auction information humane issues rescue stories and rescue links. Some photos may be graphic.
  • Habitat for Horses, Inc. - Our goal is to provide a home for horses who are no longer able to be productive and to promote and secure the safety and well being of all horses.
  • Hooved Animal Humane Society - Promotes the humane treatment of hooved animals through education, investigation, and when necessary, legal intervention. National headquarters, Woodstock, Illinois.
  • Horse Protection Association of Florida - Non-profit rescue organization dedicated to the humane treatment and proper care of equines.
  • IceHorse Rescue - Rescue and rehabilitation of Icelandic Horses. Showing ways to unite horses without homes with people who want them.
  • IGHA/HorseAid - All-breeds equine registry and rescue/welfare organization
  • KBR's World of Wild Horses & Burros - Dedicated to wild horses, wild horse adoptions, wild horse care and to the training and management of wild horses.
  • Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation Inc. - A 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity. The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation is dedicated to providing qualified homes for any horse in need. It is our goal to make certain that every horse placed in our care is provided with all the necessary ingredients for a safe and happy life, and that it is also protected from those who would do it harm.
  • Mylestone Equine Rescue - A private, nonprofit New Jersey Corporation dedicated to providing sanctuary for horses subject to cruelty, neglect, and disabilities.
  • Nokota Horse Conservancy - Nokota horses are animals that once ran wild in the Little Missouri Badlands, located in southwestern North Dakota....web site explaining the history, characteristics, and current issues surrounding the Nokota type horse.
  • United States Equine Rescue League - Non-profit organization which rescues abused, neglected, injured, or abandoned horses, provides them with care, and finds them a loving home.
  • Premarin and PMU Info Page - about the treatment of horses on the PMU farms, where pregnant mares urine is collected for production of Premarin.
  • Return To Freedom - Animal sanctuary and educational retreat, primarily dedicated to wild horses, burros and a healthy co-existence between nature, animals and human beings.
  • South Jersey Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Standardbred Retirement Foundation - Finding new careers and loving homes for this very versatile breed.
  • True Innocents Equine Rescue - A rescue organization targeting abuse/neglect cases, horses that are slaughter bound and/or horses that can no longer be cared for by their current owners.
  • United Pegasus Foundation - Working to end the abuse and poor treatment of horses going to slaughter.
  • Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Alliance - Group of concerned citizens working to keep wild horses and burros roaming free on America's public lands.
  • Wild Horse Sanctuary - Provides a permanent home for unwanted wild horses and burros that would otherwise be destroyed.


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